Study in Canada

Canada has one of the most advanced and prestigious educational systems in the world.

Canada has various options in all the provinces at a more affordable cost in comparison to the educational systems in the United States and Australia.

Canada’s official languages are French and English which makes this an excellent opportunity to learn another language. Canadian universities offer courses in English and French making it easier to merge into their culture and practice your English, French or both.

Studying abroad can open your mind to new challenges and new experiences. However, it will also increase your professional path. Remember that diplomas obtained from a Canadian university and college will be recognized around the world.

Another crucial matter that international students should take into consideration is that students who complete a program at a Canadian university or college can apply for a work permit once their studies have been completed. This is a great way to obtain work experience in the Canadian field.

Choose a university and a program of your interest. You can complete your post-secondary studies at: Colleges, Universities, Private Colleges and vocational and technical schools.

Each post-secondary school has its own set of rules on how to apply, including the level of English or French you need to be accepted.

Are you only interested in learning English or French?

We have plenty of schools where you can study English or French as a second language.

Please note: English as a Second Language programs do not offer the possibility of working while studying, nor the possibility of applying for a work permit at the end of your program. Contact us to provide you with more information.

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