Humanitarian and Compassionate

Humanitarian and compassionate is applicable for applicants who are cannot apply for Canadian permanent residence through any other program as they do not qualify. Based on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds, applicants can apply for permanent residence in Canada. The H&C program is a pathway that incorporates and considers exceptional circumstances.

The eligibility criteria for Humanitarian and compassionate application depends on different considerations. Section 25 of the Canadian immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) allows Immigrants to obtain the right to apply for permanent residence via humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Officers should consider various factors while assessing a humanitarian and compassionate application, such as work experience in Canada, the best interest of a child, and strong ties to Canada. Moreover, family and religious involvement also play an important role when applying on H&C grounds. Read the following criteria and assess if you may qualify under H&C grounds.

Eligibility Criteria for H&C Application:

  • How long have you been residing in Canada and relationships with the community, including education and family ties?
  • What difficulties you will face while returning to your home country. The difficulties may include unemployment, fear of persecution, social and religious predicaments.
  • Possible health or medical treatment to be treated in Canada.
  • Would your family be affected by relocating to another country other than Canada?
  • Possible predicaments you will face if you were to return home?

Remember, this list is not exhaustive; you must prove that you have created strong bonds and integrated into Canada.

Documents Required:

Supporting Documents play a crucial role in your application. Documents are proofs that ensure your claims are valid. You will need the following documents to become eligible to apply under H&C grounds.

  • Supporting letters from family members entitling difficulty of application rejection and relationship strength with the applicant;
  • Supporting letters from the community and friends mentioning the relationship strength with the application. The letter should also enclose the applicant’s role in volunteer groups, social activities, and religious organizations;
  • Employment letter from the employer detailing the work nature and income proof;
  • You must ensure that all letters must be written, dated, and signed by the author personally. Moreover, the letter should also entitle the relationship of the author with the applicant;
  • If the applicant has children then the applicant needs to provide essential documents such as report cards, school participation certificates, letters from school friends and teachers, and after school events;
  • The applicant needs to provide photos in Canada with social groups, friends, and family;

Who Is Not Eligible?

The following applicants are not eligible for H&C application if he/she:

  • Is a temporary resident of Canada.
  • Has a pending refugee claim.
  • Is rejected by the Immigration Review Board within the last 12 months.
  • Has an adverse medical condition.

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