Refugee Travel Document and Initial Permanent Resident Card

Every year, Canada issues more than 5 million documents, and among them, 98% are blue passports or regular passports. Moreover, the Canadian government offers three (3) types of travel documents to stateless persons or refugees residing in Canada.

Canada offers refugee travel documents to people who need protection and convention refugees. With the Canada Refugee Travel document, you can travel to all countries except your home country. Further, the issuing office will decide the validity period of the refugee travel document. Here is the process; you must undertake to get the Refugee Travel document:

  • Determine your eligibility
  • Apply for a travel document
  • Submit your photos
  • Select the gender Identifier on your travel document
  • Pick your travel document.

At Oro Immigration, we can help you with your refugee claim and obtain permanent residence in Canada. Our immigration consultants review every aspect of your refugee claim and assist you during the whole process, including the hearing and assisting in applying for a Refugee Travel document or initial permanent resident card through the right channel.