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Provincial Nomination Canada

Wondering How To Immigrate To Canada Under The Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)?

There Are Certain Eligibility Requirements Per Province Or Territory

Between 2021 and 2023, there is an expected 250,000 people to obtain Canadian permanent residency through the Provincial Nominee Program; one of the fast-growing immigration pathways used to help people settle in their province or territory. Each province or territory has its own “streams” and requirements, but to qualify you must have the skills, education and work experience necessary to support yourself, your family, and the Canadian economy.

How The Application Process Works

How you apply will depend on the PNP stream you’re applying to. You may need to apply via a paper-based process or through the Express Entry System. You’ll also need to pass a medical exam and obtain a police check no matter the Canadian province you seek permanent residence for.
You’ll apply for a nomination first, and if you have met all the necessary criteria, you’ll be nominated to apply for Canadian permanent residence which you’ll then submit your application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

If you’re applying through Express Entry, you’ll need to contact whichever provincial government you’re going to apply for and let them know you want to apply to be nominated under an Express Entry stream. If they agree, you’ll complete your Express Entry profile. Or, you can show the specific province your Express Entry profile first, and they may send you a “notification of interest”. Just note that processing times for the Express Entry process can often take longer.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

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Federal Skilled Trades Program

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Canadian Experience Class

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Streams Target Specific Groups

The streams under each Provincial Nominee Program look to target and nominate candidates that meet the specific requirements they’re looking for or what their labour market needs, for example:

  • Students
  • International Graduates
  • Business People
  • Skilled Workers
  • Semi-Skilled Workers
  • High Demand Occupations

Express Entry Candidates Will Receive An Invitation To Apply (ITA)

If you’re applying for the Provincial Nominee Program under the Express Entry system, there are three main immigration programs under this opportunity, one of which will suit your specific case the most: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to assess your profile based on your age, education, language abilities, work experience, and valid job offers. The higher your score, the higher your chances of receiving an ITA or being sent a notification of interest as a provincial nominee. In the meantime, your profile will be placed in a pool. The next step is left to the Canadian government where they’ll hold Express Entry draws randomly throughout the year and search for successful candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is for workers who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to one specific province’s economy. Candidates should want to live in that province, as well as become Canadian permanent residents. Individual provinces will have their own streams and requirements, giving preference to students, business people, skilled workers or semi-skilled workers.

No, the intention of express entry is to grant skilled immigrants with permanent residency in Canada. You will enjoy many of the same benefits as citizens, such as health care and the ability to work and live in any province of the country, but you don’t have the right to vote or run for office. Citizenship can be obtained after residents have been in Canada for a period of five years.

With Express Entry, Canada seeks to invite qualified, skilled immigrants who want to become permanent residents. This is a way to fill employment sectors where no Canadian workers are available. However, this doesn’t apply to every person and is just one way to obtain permanent residency. Many individuals who come here as students or temporary workers are able to stay after going through a formal application process.

No, you do not require a visa to apply for this program. The government will choose an eligible worker based on job offers, language abilities and educational background.

Once you receive permanent status in Canada, you are able to work and live anywhere in Canada – this includes Ontario and Quebec. Certain programs do however provide limitations on working in Quebec, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.