Extend Working Holiday Visa Canada

Extend Working Holiday Visa Canada

Extend Working Holiday Visa Canada

Oro Immigration helps young travellers come to Canada for a working holiday, facilitating the working holiday visa application process.

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What Is A Working Holiday Visa?

A working holiday visa is a temporary residence permit that allows you to work, live, and sometimes study in a country. The purpose is to allow travellers to supplement their funds to give them a better opportunity to travel, which they might not be otherwise able to do. You must have sufficient funds to live on while in the foreign country. You will also need health or travel insurance for as long as you are in the country.

A working holiday visa is generally intended for younger travellers, so there is usually an age restriction, such as from 18 to 30 or 35.

Travellers can experience life in a foreign country without having to be part of an exchange program or find work sponsorship or undergo other complex requirements that foreign workers usually have to comply with. There are time limits to these visas. Extensions may be possible in some cases.

Working holiday visas are offered under reciprocal working holiday agreements between countries; Canada has reciprocal agreements with several countries, to help promote travel and educational and cultural exchange.

Countries That Have an Agreement With Canada

Canada has different agreements with multiple countries. Be sure to review the requirements and age limit for each country, as these can vary. Canada has specific programs for citizens of certain countries, as established under a relevant agreement with that country. Canada sets quotas for the number of working holiday visitors from each participating country. Below is a list of participating countries that Canada has an agreement with; these may change at any time. Contact Oro Immigration for the latest participating countries and requirements, as well as with help applying or extending a working holiday.

Country of Citizenship Qualifying Age Country of Citizenship Qualifying Age
Australia 18 to 35 Latvia Republic 18 to 35
Austria 18 to 30 Lithuania 18 to 35
Belgium 18 to 30 Luxembourg 18 to 30
Chile 18 to 35 Mexico 18 to 29
Costa Rica 18 to 35 Netherlands 18 to 30
Croatia 18 to 35 New Zealand 18 to 35
Czech Republic 18 to 35 Norway 18 to 35
Denmark 18 to 35 Poland 18 to 35
Estonia 18 to 35 Portugal 18 to 35
France 18 to 35 San Marino 18 to 35
Germany 18 to 35 Slovakia 18 to 35
Greece 18 to 35 Slovenia 18 to 35
Hong Kong SAR 18 to 30 Spain 18 to 35
Ireland 18 to 35 Sweden 18 to 30
Italy 18 to 35 Taiwan 18 to 35
Japan 18 to 30 Ukraine 18 to 35
Korea, Republic 18 to 30 United Kingdom 18 to 30

Canadian Citizen Options for a Working Holiday Elsewhere

Coming to Canada

If you are interested in working holidays in Canada, you must be 18 to 35 to be eligible for the Canadian working holiday program. Oro Immigration can help you determine your eligibility and help you with the process.

In general, Canadian working holiday visas are valid for a maximum of two years.

Application Process

If you are interested in coming to Canada with a working holiday visa, you can apply through the International Experience Canada program. Processing your application can take up to 56 days from when it was submitted.

Canadian Citizen Options for a Working Holiday Elsewhere

Canadian citizens may apply for a working holiday in one of the countries that Canada has a reciprocal working holiday agreement with. There are different eligibility requirements for each country. Some organizations help coordinate working holiday programs and experiences for Canadian citizens that are Recognized Organizations (RO) by the Government of Canada.

Extending a Working Holiday Visa

A working holiday stay in Canada is usually for a maximum of two years, but the exact length of the stay depends on the working holiday program you are participating in. Some programs may have a shorter or longer eligibility time period.

We Help Immigrant Entrepreneurs Come To Canada

Oro Immigration can help you extend a one-year working holiday visa to the maximum of two years. You cannot extend a working holiday visa beyond two years, but there are other options if you wish to stay longer.

You can apply for a regular work permit, study permit, or apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program routes.

Oro Immigration can help you determine the most appropriate route for you.