June 13, 2019

Immigration Canada Processing Times During Covid Restrictions

One of the aspects that have been affected by Covid-19 is the processing time for different applications. Immigration Canada has not stopped processing applications, but in many cases, processing times are longer than usual.

Here is an updated list of the estimated processing times for the most common applications:

Visitor Visa (from outside Canada)

281 days

Visitor Visa (from inside Canada)

Online                      Paper

71 days                   71 days

Study permit (from outside Canada)

 10 weeks

Study permit (from inside Canada)

19 weeks

Work permit from inside Canada (initial and extension)

41 days

Skilled workers (Federal)

Online via Express Entry

6 months

Family Sponsorship. Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada

12 months

Family Sponsorship. Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada

 12 months

Protected persons and convention refugees (in Canada)

23 months

Humanitarian and compassionate cases

 22 to 36 months

Citizenship grant

12 months

Permanent Resident cards

Renewing or replacing a PR card

77 days

Permanent Resident cards

New PR card

124 days

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