April 12, 2024

Empowering Refugees: The Role of Specialized Immigration Consultants

When intending to come to Canada, refugees may encounter hurdles and legal complexities in the process. Specialized immigration consultants, accredited by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), play a crucial role in navigating these challenges and empowering refugees to achieve their aspirations of coming to Canada.

For refugees, having an immigration consultant who has passed this specialization exam ensures access to expert guidance and representation. It means their case is being handled by someone with in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and procedures relevant to refugee immigration.

What Are Specialized Immigration Consultants?

Specialized immigration consultants are accredited by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and undergo a rigorous examination process that sets them apart from other immigration consultants. This examination evaluates their comprehensive understanding of international refugee law, Canada’s refugee protection system, and the intricacies of asylum claims. Consultants who pass this exam demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of refugee immigration, including refugee determination procedures, humanitarian and compassionate considerations, and cultural sensitivity in working with refugee populations.

Specialized immigration consultants provide their refugee clients with the support necessary for informed decision-making, and effectively advocate for them. These specialists ensure their clients’ voices are heard and their rights are protected throughout the immigration process. By providing guidance and support, these consultants help refugees navigate the complexities of the Canadian immigration system with confidence and dignity, empowering them to tell their story compellingly for a better chance of success.

After July 1st, 2023, only licenced, regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can practice before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada, so not every immigration consultant can represent you before the IRB. An immigration consultant must meet strict prerequisites and pass a specialization exam to become a Specialized Immigration Consultant and do this.

What Is the Specialization Exam?

The specialization exam administered by the CICC ensures immigration consultants have the knowledge, skills, and authority to effectively assist refugees throughout the immigration process. Consultants who have passed this exam offer refugees unparalleled expertise, advocacy, and support, empowering their clients to navigate the complexities of resettlement and integration with confidence and dignity. Strict educational and professional prerequisites to qualify for the exam ensure a high level of expertise.

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Empowering Refugees Before the IRB and Beyond

Appearing in front of the IRB without an immigration consultant can present several challenges for refugees. While it’s possible to navigate the process independently, a Specialized Immigration Consultant offers significant advantages, not just because of the additional expertise and knowledge, but because of the changes allowing only these consultants to represent clients before the IRB. It is especially important to seek the assistance of one who is qualified and able to do this.

Immigration consultants use their specialized knowledge to help build a strong case for refugee status. These specialized consultants are well-versed in the procedures and requirements for submitting asylum applications, ensuring that refugees’ submissions are thorough, persuasive, and compliant with regulatory standards. Without professional guidance, refugees may struggle with the complexity of the immigration system, having a limited understanding of their legal rights and options, and affecting their ability to present a strong case. Additionally, an immigration consultant helps with gathering and presenting relevant documentation, to provide enough evidence and support for a claim.

Immigration consultants also help ensure there are no language barriers to cause difficulties, and provide emotional support throughout the process, which is often significant given refugees are required to report on highly traumatic events.

All of these factors can negatively impact the ability of refugees to clearly and effectively present their cases. Having the support of an immigration consultant increases the chances of a successful outcome.

Specialized immigration consultants empower refugees, providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to navigate the immigration process, advocate for their rights, and make informed decisions, and enabling them to take control of their immigration journey.

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College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) Register

Always check to see if your consultant is certified. The CICC licenses consultants, ensuring they meet and follow high standards of education, competence and professional ethics. You can verify a Canadian immigration consultant’s status as a licensee of the CICC through the College’s Public Register. You can also check the Government of Canada website for authorization by another organization.

Oro Immigration is proud to have two Specialized Immigration Consultants, ensuring we can help refugees throughout their entire process, including when they have to go before the Immigration and Refugee Board. With Oro Immigration, you never have to be alone.

Paulette Orozco, co-founder of Oro Immigration Services, has a remarkable 15-year track record as a Leading Immigration Consultant. She has passed the Specialization Exam, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to excellence and helping refugee individuals and their families.

Alexander Preziosi, also a co-founder of Oro Immigration Services, brings 25 years of legal expertise to the field of immigration consulting. With a Law Degree from Caracas, Venezuela, and postgraduate degrees in Corporate Legal Management and Tax Law, he is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian. Alexander’s dedication to ongoing excellence is evident in his successful completion of the Specialization Exam, reflecting his commitment to helping clients, not to mention a commendable 75% success rate in handling cases, reflecting a strong track record of achieving favourable outcomes for clients.


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