April 22, 2022

Temporary Residence Pathway For Ukraine

Because of recent unfortunate events occurring in Ukraine, On March 17, 2022, there was an announcement made by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about a launch of a new accelerated temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians called Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET).

This is an especially important and quick solution for Ukrainians and their families needing a safe haven. There are also benefits for present workers, students, and visitors. We’ll go over everything you need to know below in order to make your journey more seamless.

Eligibility To Apply Under The CUAET

There are no real eligibility requirements. Applicants who do not have a valid passport can still apply. You’ll also be exempt from providing COVID-19 vaccination proof but must still meet other health requirements, particularly COVID testing and quarantining.

Ukrainians and their immediate family members (of any nationality – not just limited to being Ukrainian) can temporarily stay in Canada for up to three years. Overseas applicants will need to apply online for a Canadian visitor visa and also need to provide their fingerprints and photo I.D.

If you’re a Ukrainian student, worker, or visitor already in Canada, you can still benefit from the program as well. You can apply to extend your visitor status, work or study permit by three more years. The IRCC is waiving all application fees and processing fees to ease the burden on Ukrainian nationals.

Apply For A Work Permit

Ukrainians seeking work are also encouraged to apply for a work permit at the same time as their visa application which will allow them to work for a Canadian employer while they are here. Again, any work permit fees are currently being waived. In most cases, you’d need a job offer by a Canadian employer, however, the Government of Canada has created a jobs page to support Ukrainians seeking work and for local organizations and employers to connect with Ukrainian workers.

Using ArriveCAN To Upload Documents

This is a new, official Government of Canada software that allows incoming travellers to Canada to submit the necessary information required amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile app is free for iPhones or Androids, or you can submit your information via the web. Information needs to be submitted 72 hours before your arrival. While Ukrainian nationals do not need to submit proof of vaccination, you will need to submit the following:

  • A quarantine plan
    • Accommodations while you quarantine for 14 days, along with the address
    • If you’ll have access to basic necessities (i.e. water, food, medication, etc.)
    • If the people travelling with you are at higher risk from COVID-19 (i.e. compromised immune systems, 65 years of age or older unvaccinated, etc.)
    • If you’ll be living with a family member you didn’t travel with
  • Contact information and travel details
    • Necessary contact information for you and any travellers with you
    • Reasons you’re travelling
    • Date and time of arrival
    • Flight number, airline, and airport welcoming you to Canadian soil

Once you fill out the necessary information, you’ll be emailed a receipt which you’ll show to a border officer. They will be aware of public health exemptions for any Ukrainian national arriving in Canada.

Special Family Reunification Sponsorship Pathway

Full details have yet to be released for this temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians, but it aims to reunite Ukrainians with their extended and immediate family members in Canada through a new sponsorship program. It will act as a pathway for Ukrainians seeking permanent residence. Details are still being discussed and processed between the Canadian government and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

Are You An Employer Wanting To Support Ukrainian Nationals?

If you’re an employer who is devastated by the invasion of Ukraine and you want to support Ukrainians seeking safe haven and work to support their family members, Job Bank has set up a simple process. All you need to do is create an employer file on Job Bank, create a job posting and save it as a draft, and then submit this form to Job Bank and let them know it’s for Ukrainian nationals. They’ll get back to you shortly with more information.

The New Temporary Residence Pathway Aims To Help Keep Ukrainians & Their Family Members Safe

Canada’s response to the invasion of Ukraine has included developing a new temporary residence pathway in order for Ukrainian nationals to remain safe. It also provides them with a way to apply for a temporary work or study permit to continue to support their families or receive an education. Children and high school students can enter Canada’s school system as soon as they arrive. Valid passports are not required, nor do you have to have proof of full vaccination. If you have an existing permit or visa, you can extend it. If you’re looking to become one of Canada’s permanent residents, announcements are yet to be made about the new Special Family Reunification Sponsorship Pathway but stay tuned for more information.

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