April 19, 2022

How To Get A Provincial Nomination Certificate

Again, all Provincial Nominee Programs vary, but there are similar guidelines that you can expect:

Job Offers

If your employer offers you a full-time position (it cannot be part-time or freelance work) and they’re located in the Canadian province in which you’re applying for permanent residency, you could be eligible to apply for a Provincial Nomination Certificate. Typically, job offer streams do not require you to enter via the Express Entry pool.

Business Streams

Under one of the business streams of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is the Ontario Entrepreneur stream which specifically targets experienced business owners or senior business managers. You must buy an existing business or start a new one and participate in day-to-day management duties. After operating the business for 18 months, you may be nominated for permanent residency. You’ll need to meet a certain language benchmark, work experience, and investment requirements. You’ll also have to ensure your business type is not ineligible as well.


International graduates who have experience studying in the province are some of the most popular immigration candidates. Your work experience, language ability and education can provide you with exceptional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, however, if you’ve graduated from a post-secondary institution and are in an Express Entry pool, your education alone can land you 30 additional points.

Experience In Demanding Occupation

If you have experience in a specific occupation that is in demand in your province or territory, you may be eligible to receive a Provincial Nominee Certificate, especially to respond to labour market shortages. These lists will change regularly.

You’ll Receive An Invitation To Apply (ITA)

After your profile or paper application is assessed along with the CRS, you’ll receive an ITA from the Canadian government to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Ultimately, the higher your score, the more likely you are to receive one. If you’re applying through the Express Entry stream, just remember that the government will hold random draws throughout the year. Generally, they’re held every two weeks, but there is no set schedule.

Contact Us With Any Questions You May Have

At Oro Immigration Services, we can help Express Entry candidates and paper-based applicants complete their profiles and answer any questions they may have about the Provincial Nominee Program. There are also other ways to apply for permanent residence which we can help you with today no matter where you’re immigrating from. Contact our immigration consultants today!

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