Student Visa 22222

The first step is to choose and apply to a school, college or university. Once you select the school, college or university, you must apply to study there. Every institution has different rules on how to apply. Make sure you apply at least six months in advance if you want to study at a primary or a secondary school or a year in advance for a post-secondary program at a university, college, etc. At Oro Immigration, we can help you find a recognized educational institution, including information on the cost to apply, tuition fees and language tests. We can also assist in filling out the application forms.

Once the educational institution admits you as a student, they will send you an acceptance letter. We need this letter to apply for your study permit. You and your spouse might be eligible for a work permit.

The study permit is a document issued by Canada’s government that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. You should apply for the study permit before you come to Canada. Be aware that a study permit is not a visa. It doesn’t let you enter Canada. You may also need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). If the government approves your study permit, a visa or eTA will also be issued.

Studying in Canada has the advantage of studying in one of the countries with the world’s best education level. With the correct strategy, it can become lead to permanent residency.