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¿Qué hace un consultor de inmigración?

Changing your permanent residence from one country to another, obtaining a work, study or visitor visa can be a stressful and confusing task. With so many documents and legal information to deal with, the process can be a bit intimidating. This is where immigration consultants come in.

Having the correct knowledge of what an immigration consultant does can help you start changing your citizenship or asking about other immigration services.

What you will learn

In this article we will discuss topics such as:

  • What is an immigration consultant
  • The difference between an immigration attorney and a consultant
  • What kinds of tasks do consultants do
  • For permanent residences
  • For visitors
  • About Oro immigration services

All of this information will help you understand how an immigration consultant can help you cross the border and become a permanent resident, worker, or student in a different country.


What is an immigration consultant?

An immigration consultant is the main point of contact for people looking to emigrate from one country to another. The consultant provides legal information and help with documentation and the immigration process so that the person enters the country without problems. They can also help find jobs, studies, and travel visas for people looking to stay in a new place for an extended period of time for academic and business purposes.

Immigration consultants are often well versed in the immigration laws and procedures required when entering and staying in a country. That being said, an immigration consultant is not an attorney. An immigration consultant can provide legal services or advice only in immigration matters and not in other areas.

Immigration consultant vs. Lawyer: What is the difference?


While the two jobs may seem very similar, there are differences between immigration attorneys and immigration consultants. A lawyer is a professional who practices immigration law among other types of matters such as criminal, corporate, real estate, etc.

Attorneys must earn a law degree and pass the bar exam before practicing immigration law. They are allowed to offer legal advice and services to clients and applicants. Lawyers are usually regulated by a law society.

Immigration consultants

Immigration consultants, on the other hand, are professionals who must also complete a program based solely on immigration law. Once the program is completed, they must pass an exam to become licensed. Only those who pass the exam will be able to become regulated immigration consultants and will be able to represent clients. At Oro Immigration Services, we make sure that in addition to the immigration consultant program, our consultants must have a bachelor’s degree.

Since immigration consultants primarily focus and study immigration law, they can help you move to Canada permanently or temporarily. They can help you with your application for permanent residence, study, work, travel or business applications.

To be an immigration consultant, you must be a member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants, which means they are regulated by government agencies. This is intended to protect the interests and needs of clients and to ensure that everything is legal. You can also determine if a consultant is up to date on your website.

Whether you hire a consultant or attorney, you need to make sure your representative is licensed and up-to-date with the Law Society or the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Board. Remember that only immigration consultants and attorneys can charge a fee for their services.

What do immigration consultants do?

Changing your citizenship, permanent residence, or applying for a student visa or work permit are just some of the services that immigration consultants can provide. When you hire an immigration consultant, their job is to help people enter Canada for travel, study, or business purposes. From students and refugees to politicians and business professionals, an immigration consultant is there to help everyone entering Canada.

For permanent residents

When you enter a new place of residence, there are programs, laws, government regulations, legal rights, and immigration rules that your permanent residents need to know and understand. The job of an immigration consultant is to make sure you have the proper documentation when applying for any program and when crossing the border.

For visitors, workers and students

If you are not a permanent resident, you will need to obtain a work, travel or student visa that allows you to stay in Canada for a specific period of time. An immigration consultant can help you obtain your visas and answer any questions you may have. They also evaluate the chances of a client being approved for a work, travel or student visa.

A Canadian immigration consultant can also help with permanent residence appeals, family sponsorship, refugee applications, and applications for urgent entry into Canada. The consultant will make sure that you can obtain your visa and cross the border safely.

In summary

When you hire an immigration consultant and begin the process of migrating to a new location, you are taking a step toward ensuring safe and legal entry into the country. Canadian immigration consultants are trained and regulated to work on your behalf. They are well informed about the rights and regulations in force in the new place of residence.

Consultants work with a variety of clients and are trained to help streamline the immigration process so there are few obstacles in the way. From applying for visas to making sure you have the correct documentation, they will be there on the road. Remember that sometimes little mistakes can jeopardize your future in Canada.

Oro Immigration Services

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